HPE Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition Lizenz zusätzliche Kerne (p11065-a21) (p11065a21)
HPE Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition Lizenz zusätzliche Kerne (p11065-a21) (p11065a21)
HPE Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition Lizenz zusätzliche Kerne (p11065-a21) (p11065a21)
HPE Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition Lizenz zusätzliche Kerne (p11065-a21) (p11065a21)

HPE Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition Lizenz zusätzliche Kerne (p11065-a21) (p11065a21)

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition - Licence - 4 additional cores - OEM - APOS, Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity (COA) - Multilingual - EMEA


Category (Server)
Operating Systems
hpesw000006 (107000)
HP Enterprise
Operating System
Customs tariff number
eClass V7
Dimensions (Girth)
287 x 2 x 198 (687)
Operating systems
Other Operating systems
Licence type
User groups
Government License

Windows Server 2019 is the operating system that bridges on-premises environments with Azure services, enabling hybrid scenarios that maximize existing investments. Increase security and reduce business risk with multiple layers of protection built into the operating system. Evolve your datacenter infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency and scale with Hyper-converged Infrastructure. Enable developers and IT pros to create cloud native applications and modernize their traditional apps using containers and micro-services.

  • Extend datacenter to the cloud
    Microsoft offers consistent hybrid services, including a common identity platform with Active Directory, a common data platform built on SQL Server technologies, and hybrid management and security.
  • Add built-in hybrid management capabilities
    Windows Admin Center delivers an elegant, browser-based view of Windows Server workloads running on-premises and in Azure. Easily connect Windows Server deployments to Azure services and use natively integrated services such as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery without disrupting applications and infrastructure.
  • Manage privileged identities
    Many breaches can be prevented by protecting administrator credentials. Windows Server 2019 ensures that all apps and system components have just enough access privilege.
  • Secure the operating system
    Discover and address security breaches with integrated Windows Defender Advanced Threat Detection. Help prevent host intrusion with Windows Defender Exploit Guard, which locks down devices against attack vectors and blocks behaviors commonly used in malware attacks.
  • Secure fabric virtualization
    Protect VM workloads from unauthorized access, with Shielded Virtual Machines for Windows Server or Linux workloads. Protect network traffic with the flip of a switch with Encrypted Subnets.
  • Microsoft-validated solutions ready to go
    Use turnkey Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions from your preferred hardware partner participating in the Windows Server Software Defined (WSSD) program.
  • Get an outstanding performance
    Configurations are optimized for each partner's hardware and focus on performance, capacity, or a balanced approach.
  • Simplified management
    Simplify daily management of HCI deployments with Windows Admin Center, an elegant, lightweight browser-based, locally-deployed platform that brings together your resources for visibility and action.

Operating System
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard - After Point of Sale (APOS), Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
Product Type
Czech, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish
Licence Type
4 additional cores
Licence Pricing
System Requirements
Min Processor Type
Intel x86-64 - 1.4 GHz
Min RAM Size
512 MB
Min Hard Drive Space
32 GB
Additional Requirements
Mouse or compatible device, DVD-ROM, VGA monitor, Internet connection, keyboard