HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)
HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)
HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)
HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)
HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)
HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)
HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)
HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)
HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)
HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)

HP Docking Station USB-C USBC Dock G5 (5TW10AA#ABB)

HP USB-C Dock G5 - Docking station - USB-C - GigE - 100 Watt - for Chromebook x360; Pavilion 15; Pavilion Gaming 15, TG01; Pavilion x360; Spectre x360


Category (Zubehör Notebook)
PC Systems
Notebook Accessories
hpzu0000042 (105792)
Charging / Docking station
HP EliteBook
Customs tariff number
eClass V7
Dimensions (Girth)
190 x 160 x 170 (850)
Charging / Docking station

Get to work with a single cable from your USB-C-enabled notebook to your displays, devices, and wired network with the versatile, elegant, and space-saving HP USB-C Dock G5.

  • Compatible with your mixed PC environment
    Designed with universal compatibility in mind, this dock works with both HP and non-HP, USB-C- and Thunderbolt-enabled notebooks.
  • Single-cable solution
    Add your accessories and up to three displays to the dock. Then simply connect it to your notebook through a single USB-C cable to access your devices and charge your PC.
  • Easily manage your commercial HP fleet
    Help IT secure and remotely manage your deployed commercial HP notebooks and the dock with advanced network manageability features that include PXE Boot, LAN/WLAN switching, and WoL and MAC Address Pass-Through in all power states.
  • Small footprint
    Reclaim your desk with a compact dock that takes just a little of space.
  • Electronic asset management for your docks
    Empower your IT to manage and track your docks by product name, serial number, and MAC address from anywhere with the time-saving, easy-to-use Electronic Tag (eTag) asset management tool.
  • Efficient firmware updates
    Updating your dock fleet has never been easier. IT can save time by pushing dock firmware updates to managed notebooks for later installation on the dock, even when they're disconnected from each other.

Product Type
Docking station
12.2 cm
12.2 cm
4.5 cm
680 g
Data Link Protocol
Gigabit Ethernet
Expansion / Connectivity
1 x PoweredUSB 3.0 ¦ 1 x USB-C (power port) ¦ USB-C ¦ 1 x audio ¦ 1 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ¦ 1 x network ¦ 2 x display / video - DisplayPort ¦ 1 x display / video - HDMI
Cables Included
1 x power cable ¦ 1 x power adapter ¦ 1 x USB-C cable - 1 m
Security lock slot (cable lock sold separately), wake on LAN, Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) support, MAC address pass-through
Security Slot Type
Kensington security slot
Power Device
Power adapter
Power Provided
100 Watt
System Requirements
OS Required
Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows 7, Google Chrome OS, Windows 10
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support
Limited warranty - 1 year
Compatibility Information
Designed For
OMEN 25L by HP GT11-1067no, GT12-1003ng, GT12-1005ng, GT12-1012na, GT12-1037ng, GT12-1200ng, GT12-1410nd, GT12-1520nd, GT12-1540nd, GT12-1700nd ¦ OMEN 30L by HP GT13-0079na, GT13-0091na, GT13-0092, GT13-0409 ¦ OMEN by HP 15-dh1070wm, 15-ek1013no, 15-ek1014no, 15-ek1894nz, 15-en1026no, 15-en1035no, 15-en1845no, 17-cb1177ng ¦ HP 14-dy0078ng ¦ HP Chromebook 14a-na0225ng, 14a-na0504na ¦ HP Chromebook x360 14a-ca0396nz, 14b-cb0500nz, 14c-ca0235ng, 14c-ca0510na, 14c-cc0001nd, 14c-cc0700nz, 14c-cc0735nd ¦ HP Elite x2 G8 ¦ HP EliteBook 845 G8 ¦ HP ENVY 13-ba1097nr, 14-eb0025no, 14-eb0027no, 17-cg0019nr, 17-cg0177ng, 17-cg1001na, 17-ch0700nz, 17-ch0904nz, TE01-1006na, TE01-2380nd, TE01-2500nz, TE01-2502nz, TE01-2602nz, TE01-2700nz ¦ HP ENVY x360 13-bd0904nz, 15-ed0000nc, 15-es0700nz, 15-es0900nz ¦ HP Pavilion 14-ec0054ng, 14-ec0076ng, 15-eh0003nf, 15-eh0018nu, 15-eh0507na, 15-eh0515na, TP01-2000nb, TP01-2007nb, TP01-2008nf, TP01-2009ng, TP01-2014ng, TP01-2019ng, TP01-2021nb, TP01-2021ng, TP01-2032nb, TP01-2038nb, TP01-2056nb, TP01-2057nb, TP01-2160nd, TP01-2270nd, TP01-2504nz, TP01-2604nz, TP01-2700nd, TP01-2704nz ¦ HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1020nl, 15-dk1024na, 15-dk1024nc, 15-dk1123ng, 15-dk1273ng, 15-dk1280ng, 15-dk1404nf, 15-dk2003no, 15-dk2004no, 15-dk2055ng, 15-dk2067no, 15-dk2070ng, 17-cd0010nr, 17-cd1020nc, 17-cd1117nf, 17-cd2055ng, 17-cd2075ng, 17-cd2077ng, TG01-1009ns, TG01-1014ny, TG01-1015ny, TG01-1185t, TG01-1201ng, TG01-1301ng, TG01-2002nu, TG01-2003nu, TG01-2004nu, TG01-2005nu, TG01-2007ng, TG01-2008ng, TG01-2009ng, TG01-2010ng, TG01-2013ng, TG01-2015ns, TG01-2025no, TG01-2086no, TG01-2120nd, TG01-2812nz, TP01-1125xt ¦ HP Pavilion x360 14-dw1006nf, 14-dw1011na, 14-dw1013nl, 14-dy0032ng, 14-dy0055ng, 14-dy0057ng, 14-dy0300nz, 14-dy0335ng, 14-dy0500nz, 14-dy0700nz, 14-dy0704nz, 14-dy0904nz, 15-er0604nz ¦ HP ProBook 635 Aero G8 ¦ HP Spectre x360 13-aw0501na, 14-ea0039no, 15-eb0190ng, 15-eb1015no, 15-eb1775ng